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Paso de los Andes 633, RIO CUARTO, CORDOBA Ver ubicación


La Empresa

DINDEL S.A. is a metallurgic company founded in 1986 with the purpose of machinery’s fabrication for peanut industry. DINDEL S.A. is situated in Río Cuarto city, Córdoba province, Argentina, the heart of Argentinean peanut zone, therefore, it is the main purveyor of this industry in the country, and it had expanded to countries such as México, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Brazil, Egypt and Bolivia in a clear expansion towards other peanut regions of the continent. DINDEL S.A. is proud of their people, their designs and innovations, searching satisfy their customers’needs, in services, quality and professional advising for their full conformity.

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Productos Fabricados
  • Limpiadoras y Clasificadoras de granos

  • Sistemas de transporte de granos y mecanizaciones

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Dirección: Paso de los Andes 633, RIO CUARTO, CORDOBA

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